Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Video Interview—Joe R. Lansdale

In the two years I've been conducting interviews, there's been only one author who leaves me star struck whenever I sit down with him:

Joe R. Lansdale.

As most of you know, Lansdale's been an enormous influence on me since my teens (You can read my tribute to Joe right HERE over at Spinetingler) and I always feel very fortunate that the legendary author is willing to sit down with me year-after-year.

And on April 16th, I sat down again with Lansdale at the Poisoned Pen Bookstore in Scottsdale, AZ to discuss Joe's latest Hap and Leonard novel, Devil Red, his upcoming Young Adult novels, and his future projects with Mulholland Books


  1. I'm delighted that there's more of Hap and Leonard to feast on. I'm jealous of you Keith, but also delighted for you. The tale of the real-life drinking of blood is grim indeed. And shorter words are as welcome as longer ones in my neck of the woods - there's something satisfying about being able to get through a great story in one bite.
    Stories of the depression era are often rich, whether from the period about it - ironically, they often lift my depression rather than plunge me further into it.
    Love Mr Lansdale's work. I wouldn't dare to suggest he's an influence on my work, but I hope there's some sub-conscious Joe popping in.
    Great stuff.
    ps love that cover.

  2. Always great to hear Joe speak. One of the all-time best. Nice job Keith.

  3. Always good to see another Hap and Leonard novel land.

    I loved Joe's thoughts on novellas vs. longer works.

    Top interview, gentlemen.