Monday, October 25, 2010

A Memo from the management by Keith Rawson

Welcome to issue 5 of Crimefactory and to the official blog of Crimefactory, Day Labor. I’m going to be honest with you, I’m probably more excited about this issue than any other we’ve produced in the past year and when you see the line up you’ll understand why.

We have new Fiction by:

Charlie Williams

Sandra Ruttan

Stephen Blackmoore

Paul D. Brazill

Libby Cudmore

Patti Abbott

Jim Winter

Matthew C. Funk

John Weagly

Chad Rohrbacher

Eric Lundy

Richard Godwin

Calvin Seen

With new features by

Andrew Nette

Gary Lovisi

Eric Beetner

The Nerd of Noir

With featured reviews by

Jimmy Callaway and Audrey Homan

Issue #5 is enormous! It’s over the top! And, yes it’s in print.


Well, why do we do anything at Crimefactory? Simple answer, because we can. We went print because the technology is there for us to easily use, so why not use it?

Yes, we will still be giving the PDF away.

Yes, we’ll only still be charging .99 cents for the Kindle download.

(No, we’re not going to get greedy and start charging $2.99)

But over the past year I’ve received dozens of e-mails and Facebook messages expressing an interest in a print edition. So around issue 3, Cam and I started discussing the possibility of putting it together. I ran some test issues to start experimenting with the format and before we knew it, we decided to set our sights on putting out the print edition with issue 5. Putting it all together was a pain in the ass. Liam had to completely reformat the PDF, design the cover within all the specifications, had to reformat and re-correct a dozen times until we got it right.

And Liam did it all while working 11 hour days.

Goes without saying that Liam is my hero for pulling it all together


Yes, I plan on providing contributors copies. I believe in making sure the author gets “paid”. Eventually, if we can sell enough copies, I’d like to pay our authors semi-pro or professional level rates, but until then you’re going to have to deal with receiving a copy of the issue you appear in.


The deal is that website blog was lame

The second part of the deal is even though we have a strong presence on the web through the website, Facebook, and Twitter, I wanted to be even bigger and stronger by providing regular content under the Crimefactory banner. Yes, that means regular reviews, interviews, editorials, features, rants, whatever. For awhile I’ll be intermingling new content with reprint material from the magazine you may have missed. I’ll keep doing this until we put together a semi-regular team of bloggers, writers, and reviewers.

So, how I want you think of the blog is how we think of the magazine.

Cam, Liam, and I have always thought of the zine as the punk rock Crimespree

Well, I want you to think of the blog as the anarchist Rap Sheet.

By the way, folks, the blog is a work in progress, as I update the content, I’ll be updating links and what not, so please be patient..

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for today.

Make sure to download or order your copy of Crimefactory today!


(Or, you know, in the next couple of days or week or so)


Feel free to follow the blog, it makes me feel all warm and tingly when you do the whole Google connect thing.


  1. Digging the new CF blog here, Keith.

    And great news about the print edition of CRIMEFACTORY!

  2. all round good news. warming on a cold Scottish morn.

  3. This is ALL good. Well done, lads. Glad to be on board.