Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Video Interview—Vicki Hendricks

It seems to be Vicki Hendricks appreciation week on the old interweb. First Nigel Bird features Hendricks' self-interview at his always entertaining blog, Sea Minor. Next, Crimefactory irregular, the Nerd of Noir, reviews Hendricks' stellar short story collection, Florida Gothic Stories, over at Spinetingler Magazine. So I figured I'd finish things off with my video interview with Ms. Hendricks at the Poisoned Pen from this past summer.

In case you're unfamiliar with the notorious Ms. Hendricks, she's the author of five brilliant crime novels (Cruel Poetry, Miami Purity, Sky Blues, Iguana Love, and Voluntary Madness) and a brilliant short story collection, Florida Gothic Stories. Ms. Hendricks is also the sole female member of the recently formed e-book collective, Top Suspense Group.

I interviewed Ms. Hendricks at the Poisoned Pen conference at the end of an extremely busy, hot day and she was gracious enough to sit down with me to discuss Florida Gothic Stories, the current state of short fiction, and her current work in progress.
I hope you enjoy.

Vicki Hendricks interviewed by Keith Rawson from Keith Rawson on Vimeo.


  1. Keith, you're killing my output this morning, great interview, gotta check her books out.